Michiko Minakata / Meguri Meguru


Artist : 南方美智子 Michiko Minakata
Title : Meguri Meguru

Track List
01  As an Accusation
02  A Sweet Middle-Aged Woman
03  Life is Endless Circle
04  Rain
05  Rain and Sunny
06  Parallel Technique
07  X…Who is that man?
08  Intermezzo of Memories
09  Momoiro Ranger
(9tracks / 65min)

Michiko Minakata : Piano, Synthesizer, Electric Devices
Produced : Michiko Minakata
Recorded & Mixed : Michiko Minakata
Mastered : Gaku Taniguchi

All Art Works : Gaku Taniguchi
Inner Sleeve Photo  : Mr. Kanazawa

Catalog : TRLT-0009
Release Date : Material 07 May. 2014

音はめぐり、時はめぐる。 現代ピアノミニマル。

The sound move around, and Time move around… This is the Contemporary Piano Minimal.

A prepared piano begins to weave a beat.
A line of the sound reminds of nostalgia.
Her touch powerful nobly, and the melody to sing liberally indulgently.
The memory turns.
The petal is raised up and drifts by wind to rage.
Such a mysterious euphoria and awakening.

Michiko Minakata is the Japanese Pianist who is active in the big amplitude freely from Post Classical to avant-garde.
She played music with many costars and made her style.
It contains many things from an authentic linkage to heresy.
She is active for a solo piano performance in Tokyo.